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For Mícheál

You sang of Aird Ui Chumhaing
Beautiful land of dreams
Far across the deep
Water the wide partition
Between memory and desire
Now you are removed from us
And know the secrets of time
Of space and eternity
But in that same moment
We know that there floats
Your song's music evermore
Across the starry
Dark, deep fields of heaven.
Ray A. Lucas
April 2007


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Alt ó Bhéaloideas, 74; 233-235
le Ríonach Uí Ógáin


"Tribute to O Domhnaill" 
by Paul Keating
IRISH VOICE 17-05-07


Remembrance by John O'Regan 
published in the Green Man Review
30th July 2006


Weblog: Irish-music-legend-Micheal-Ó Domhnaill-dies 


Foot Stomping Celtic Music Forum
July 2006


Link from Nightnoise.org site to Obituary in the Irish Independent


WNYC - New Sounds Remembering Mícheál O Domhnaill (July 25, 2006).htm


The Mudcat Cafe Forum started on July 9th 2006


Video of Mícheál singing Tiocfaidh an Samhradh 
on youtube.com
Quality not too bad!


Forum on the session.org started on July 9th 2006


The Echoes Blog Archive » Micheáll Ó Domhnaill of Nightnoise and The Bothy Band Passes.htm


THE OREGONIAN on July 17, 2006


Folkroots magazine Relativity Review
PDF format


Article on The Bothy Band by Anne Dempsey
from the Irish Independent on Wed April 4th
PDF format


Ghaita: Revistas de Folk y Musicas Tradicionales
Article en espagnole from 'Ghaita' magazine, 
Mar-April 1979
PDF format


'Bring Back the Bothies' 
Article by Earle Hitchner IRISH ECHO 1996



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